Company Snapshot

Company Name:   Kimicata Brothers, Inc.

Location: 4640 Georgekay Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Phone:  412-421-6323


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Additional Informaton

Key Employees:  Paul Kimicata President,  Linda Joyce Vice-President, Jason Marney, Project Manager

Date Company Began:  1929

Industry Licenses: HIC# PA058585; BU#3305

Certified Individuals on Staff:  CLT, ICPI, NCMA

Services Provided: Landscape Design/Build, Garden Maintenance, Landscape/Grounds Maintenance, Landscape Design/Install, Irrigation Services, Landscape Design/Architecture, Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Lighting Installation, Paver, Brick, Stone Installation, Seeding, Snow Removal, Tree Care, Turf Maintenance, Water Garden/Pond Installation


Q 1. Please tell us more about the history of Kimicata Brothers, Inc.  

Kimicata Brothers was founded by the current owner’s grandfather Arthur and his brother in 1929 as a landscape  maintenance company.   They each had a son that took over the business in the 1980’s.  Paul’s father Arthur Jr. bought out his cousin in the 1990’s.  Paul started working for his grandfather at 12 years old and took over the business along with his sister in 2000.  We expanded our business along with educated staff members to include landscape and irrigation design/build/maintenance.  Jason Marney has a landscape contracting degree from Penn State.  We have staff that are ICPI and NCMA certified.  The ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installer is the industry recognized status for the professionals committed to industry guidelines for segmental concrete pavement installation.  The NCMA segmental retaining wall (SRW) program educates installers on the industry standards for installing SRW systems.  We also have staff members that are CLT, Certified Landscape Technician and state certified applicators.  Our certified staff designs and installs projects that are beautiful, practical and guaranteed to meet our satisfied customer’s expectations.

Q 2. Do you work with Residential customers only, if not, what Commercial work have you performed?

We specialize in designing custom residential patios, walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire features, water features, pergolas, planting plans, outdoor lighting and irrigation.  We perform total landscape maintenance at a variety of residential properties, homeowner associations, condominiums, churches and community portal projects.

Q 3.  What are some of the more interesting or unique jobs that you have completed?

We have created outdoor living areas in many backyards for our customers to enjoy.   From custom design and installation for customer’s homes with small lots in Lawrenceville to large properties with pool deck, pergola and outdoor kitchen installations.

 Q 4.  What are some important Business Values for Kimicata Brothers, Inc.

Kimicata Brothers Inc.’s mission is to provide the highest performance standards to the needs of our clients, our employees and to the business.  We believe in sending our employees to educational opportunities to expand their knowledge and professional skills to better serve our customers.  We also donate our time along with our expertise to Scout’s fundraising efforts, churches and neighborhood communities.