Vegetated Retaining Wall

Photo Credit: Danilo Maffei

Vegetative Retaining Walls are designed to function like a structural retaining wall, keeping soil in place behind the wall. They are typically used on steep slopes that would collapse without reinforcement.

Along with the typical structure such as concrete or wood, vegetative retaining walls are specially designed to use plants and their roots to complete the wall, which accomplishes the following:

  • Less impervious surface and heat island effect.
  • More “green” and attractive appearance than most conventional walls.
  • Lighter weight, easier to install and often less expensive.
  • Incorporates sustainable landscape principals.
Photo Credit: Danilo Maffei
Photo Credit: Furbish

SmartSlope is a vegetated retaining wall system comprised of open celled pre-cast concrete modules. The system utilizes a polymeric reinforcement strap. Each module is stacked in a staggered pattern that creates planting pockets. The pockets are filled with growth media and planted. The entire face of the wall will be covered with vegetation upon establishment.

Source: Furbish