Photo 1: LandStudies, Inc.

A Watershed includes all of the land, streams, rivers and wetlands that drain or “shed water” downhill to a particular point.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is located next to the Susquehanna River and is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. When we pollute the little stream in our backyard, it eventually flows downstream and pollutes the Chesapeake Bay.

Photo 1: LandStudies, Inc.
Photo 2: ESRI ArcGIS Online

As a community, we can work together to:

  • Protect watersheds by planting native trees, shrubs, and grasses.
  • Improve watersheds by restoring their streams and wetlands.
  • Educate others about the water quality benefits of Sustainable Landscapes.

Restoring streams and wetlands, and planting these areas with native vegetation helps to reduce sediment and other pollutants from degrading local and downstream water quality. In turn, this improves the overall health of the watershed; a watershed like the Chesapeake Bay is critical natural resource for wildlife and people in the Mid-Atlantic Region.